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quality materials

It is made by injection molding of high quality raw materials
Aviation aluminum alloy with high purity, strong toughness and excellent heat dissipation performance is adopted


Thermal design

Won many certification of heat dissipation technology, new structure design, ensure stable temperature control in 50-60 degrees, greatly improve the heat dissipation performance.



Excellent equipment and skilled technical personnel in the production process of products to provide polishing, degreasing, pickling, anodizing, oxidation, closed curing and other treatment.



Products set environmental protection, energy saving, high thermal conductivity, high luminosity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and many other advantages.

Choose the lamp4Big core advantageAhoose SHANGDENG Lighting

Focus on interior lighting design system  Focus on indoor lighting lighting design system

Years of industry experience accumulation, we know better in the professional lighting design layout, modeling creativity.

Quick understanding of customer needs, better solutions, in the service of the customer has been widely recognized, the industry reputation is excellent.

The team carries out detailed division of labor, has senior lighting creative designers and more than 6 years of experience in structural design, in the lamps and lanterns entrepreneurial, security investment in a large number of human and material resources to improve.

For many years, it has been awarded the honorary title of trustworthy enterprise, ISO certification and 3C certification  The world's top 500 Hotel to choose us, quality assurance

For many years, it has been awarded the honorary title of trustworthy enterprise, ISO certification and 3C certification

Many 5-star hotels designate lighting service providers

Product quality is the basic integrity of the enterprise  Product quality is the basic integrity of the enterprise

Strictly implement supplier review system.

Strengthen the construction of quality department, strictly control all unqualified products into the production process;

Strengthen the management of surface treatment, set up polishing workshop.

Conduct corrosion resistance test on all batches of electroplated parts sent out to the factory;

All products shall be tested for high voltage resistance and grounding in strict accordance with national standards.

Save you 20% of your budget  Save the budget cost of 20% for you

Standardize process operations to make project progress more efficient;

Self-built production plant, mass production and supply of products, reduce procurement costs;

Free pre-sales and after-sales team consultation, engineering maintenance, problem solving;

Rich design experience of the operation team, combined with the actual situation to customer solutions.


Join hands with shang deng to create a bright future

about us

Dongguan shangdeng hardware lighting co., LTD., founded in February 2017, is a professional lighting and lighting assembly (floor lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, desk lamp, crystal lamp and other lighting) manufacturing enterprises, our company's ...

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